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A little different:

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Five Small Joys From Today:
1 – The flavor of what Hale and Hearty listed as “Boston Baked Bean soup with Smoked Sausage”: it actually reminded me of the baked beans of my youth and the ones I have made.
2 – Hearing my friend George’s voice on the phone as we planned our trip together this weekend. It’s been almost a year.
3 – Actually filing the small heap of papers that had accumulated on my desk
4 – Receiving my dvd of “The Hypnotic Eye”: trashy, quirky, filled with screeching line readings and actresses tearing their own faces off
5 – Being asked to do a job I think is very important. I was surprised that the forces that be would even think to ask me.


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October 23, 2003 at 3:42 pm

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Felled by weather…

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It’s chilly here now. Time to return to the rituals of temperature regulation in the shower: my landlord’s aged water heater and whimsical pipes mean that the water goes from tepid (25 seconds) to steam (1 minute, 16 seconds) to frigid (6 minutes). any attempts to even out the temp means dexterity like a safe cracker’s applied to the funky taps. As an added pleasure, there is a 4 second delay between the tap adjustment and any result. So imgine the intricate ballet that occurs in the morning as I attemt to manipulate the taps, lather, rinse, soap, adjust etc., etc. Is it any wonder I stink perhaps more than I should?
On a lighter note I woke myself up in the wee hours with a series of ideas for piieces, got out my notebook, recorded them actactually got back to sleep! Will any of them turn into actual pieces? I dunno, but I’m attracted to this idea that involves fifty video monitors and a lot of slapping.
Yesterday my collaborator sent me pictures of our pieces installed in the show at Yerba Buena in San Franciso. Everything looks a little creepy, and a little sad. I wonder if it’s chilly there.

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October 23, 2003 at 10:01 am

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