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Well, now girlfagpnw has joined waltzingtree as part of that special fraternity who has gotten to see how weird I am when I’m deep in the throes of setting up a show. All the remaining bits of the work arrived from New York yesterday and I began installing in earnest. It’s not like there’s a huge amount of physical labor involved, but I do tweak things up to the last minute usually. That means that I’m making material and component decisions even now. There’s a couple of things I’m thinking about changing today and a few things I did change yesterday. When I’m doing that I lose my ability to speak coherently and I find I’m very sensetised emotionally so much so that I close down around other things.

For me this process is a lot like performing. So the show is a performance that remains operative once opening night happens and I go off back home. Up to that point I’m orchestrating elements, thinking of how each bit effects the others. This may be why each show tends to look different. This is my fourth show with this gallery and I think it looks very different from the ones before it.

One nice thing is that I feel very at home with Paule and the work she shows. Looking around the back room I notice how influenced I have been by Bay Area work of the past thirty years. There’s a tradition of assemblage here that has meant a lot to me. It’s work that a part of me is still in dialog with.


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April 4, 2007 at 12:34 pm

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