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Upstate, sunlight under the big tent. On the 25th anniversary of my graduation from Bard, I am back there reading the names of a new crop of graduates. Seeing my former faculty, now colleagues around me on the stage. The address was given by Bloomberg. You can see him on the lower left. So I had to smoke a cigar afterwards.


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May 26, 2007 at 11:24 pm

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  1. […] The speaker was New York’s Governor, David Patterson. We’ve been getting the politicians lately. He came off as personable, a bit self deprecating, and seemed to connect with the students. The speech was a mess however, veering from personal anecdote to interesting historical nuggets to what seemed to be a pledge to develop state-wide high speed rail. I’m all for infrastructure, but as a talk to the community it all seemed a little cobbled together. My over feeling was, here’s a good guy, who has some ideas, and is a bit at sea. It was better however than the over produced pre-campaign speech Bloomberg subjected us to a couple of years ago. […]

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