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The horoscope on my start page is warning me:

Any argument you start today is likely to erupt into a brutal emotional battle, dear Aquarius, so beware. Try not to tread on anyone else’s turf, because you will find that they are likely to be possessive, and very belligerent about defending what is rightfully theirs. Avoid large volcanic eruptions of energy by not picking fights where fights are simply not needed. You can resolve issues in a civil manner without doing harm to others.

So it’s probably good that I don’t feel like starting any arguments. In fact I feel tapped out. It’s been a full exciting academic year. And I’m about to have a house guest. And I’m staring around the house with some anxiety, since it is indeed very very messy. And I’m glad to have a vacation coming up as well.

And through it all I need to put in some plotting and planning time. Some reformulate life time. Some building time.

I do have the energy for one last rant. Yesterday I found out that the pentagon had rewritten the rules for embedded photojournaists in Iraq, making it well nigh impossible to tell the truth about the human cost of the government’s benighted war. I then found out about the police inaction in Russia, how they stood by while neocon groups attacked gay rights protesters. Then, when I left work I was confronted by what The New York Post saw fit to present as the most important story of the news cycle: Pictures of a passed out Linday Lohan. Who actualy needs to know that information? Are we so terrified by the grave events of the world that we need to take the edge of by following the antics of drug addled semi-actresses?

I hope I’m not starting a fight with Rupert Murdock.


Written by naylandblake

May 30, 2007 at 10:52 am

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