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Little powermonger sleep tonight…

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Record club last night. I’d forgotten that it was coming up and as such was unsure about what to play. Felt ok about the first of my two selections (“These Dues” by Ronee Blakely from the Nashville Soundtrack), but I think I kinda flubbed it for my second (“Number Two” from the Pernice Brothers). As usual it was a great mix of things that everyone else brought in. RC has become the major way I learn about new music at this point. And it’s also brought me into a constellation of new friends.

I think I should look at that. The three things that have had the biggest impact on my social life in the past few years have been LJ, TES and RC. Each has allowed me to explore aspects of myself that had been laying dormant for a while, and to connect with new groups of people around those interests. I think I need to find something like that around my art making practice now. Didi – do we need an intercontinental coffee klascht?


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May 31, 2007 at 11:49 am

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