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Step one: admitted we were powerless…

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I admit I’ve been pretty close-mouthed about what went on at camp, but now I want to talk about one part of it: the spanking part. For five days, I’d say that barely twelve hours passed at the outside without me spanking someone. In fact, one day I grumbled that “I hadn’t beaten enough ass”, and one of my cabin mates arranged for me to beat on the ass of an ex-marine, which I proceded to do in tandem with four other people for nearly an hour (need I say that the whole thing was his idea initally and that he could have safeworded out at any point?). I even manned a charity spanking booth, reddening butts for a good cause. And even though there was one particularly delectable ass that I was dying to spank, and whose unavailablity was being practically rubbed in my face, I have to say that I have nothing to complain about when I comes to the amount of spanking I was able to get in.

The problem is now I can’t stop. Having been in an environment where I could pretty much whack what I wanted, I now roam the New York streets with my eyes firmly focused on the backsides of my fellow citizens. I just know that were I able to bend them over my knee and administer a little brisk and loving corporal punishment, that we would both then proceed on our differing ways relaxed, cheered and with a little glow to carry us through the day.

But I fear that others might take a different view. So stop me before I spank again!


Written by naylandblake

July 3, 2007 at 4:49 pm

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