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Studio visit today with a writer from Artnews. It meant that I cleaned even more and in completing a couple of pieces, I was moved to start a whole new one, as well as to tackle tidying areas that I hadn’t quite looked at before. All of this is immensely encouraging. My desk is the most usable it has been in years.

In talking about the current work, I begin to have feelings of deeper connections with what I am doing. The regularity of my current schedule, the steady pace of making things and getting them to the gallery – of going to some kind of show once a week, of working on pieces that require daily actions, of sorting and engaging with my past in the form of papers and images, it all constitutes something that I can only call a thaw. I’m surprised at how much I’m getting done.

It’s so much easier to use a tool when it’s not buried under a ton of other crap. And when the tools are easy to get to, It’s a simple matter to make a little something.


Written by naylandblake

November 17, 2007 at 6:24 pm

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