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So much of what I do around the office generates paper printouts. I wish it didn’t.

I’m addicted to management books. Ok, not addicted, but strongly attracted to them. Part of my attempts to puzzle out a way of making my workplace more bearable.

Roberta Smith inveighs against the use of the term “practice” by artists here. I don’t agree with her.

One of my fave ljers recently wrote something which is making me think about initation and my sexual and artistic – ahem – practices. I’m thinking that I need to be more purposeful than I have been in the past.

Astrobarry seems to think differently.

I have two difficult phone calls to make. And I’m not making them. A management book I read at lunch today tells me I should.

I think Tim Burton would have done better to cast David Bowie as Sweeney.

The slumped bottles came in the mail today from ebay, but they’re too small to make decent ashtrays so they’ll have to become art.

The current season of Project Runway was poorly cast as well.


Written by naylandblake

December 27, 2007 at 4:31 pm

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