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The pig mask/Santa rape scene was hot….

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Because of the kindness of a friend I got to see the production of Die Soldaten at the Park Avenue Armory last night, and it was one kinky affair: bare bottomed bath house attendant spanking, cross dressed breast fondling ballet, semi nude superchub twelve-toning and so on. It was culcha, babies! We were seated in bleachers that rolled past the action on giant tracks: a German expressionist Tunnel of Not-So-Much love.

Which also happened to have astonishing, acrobatic singing and beautiful playing on the part of the orchestra. The audience was a mix of oh so hip New York, opera stalwarts, and befuddled bystanders. Seated directly in front of us was a sugar daddy / muscle boy couple, the boy half of which could barely contain his massive disinterest.His slumping brought his head perilously close to my lap, but I managed to resist the urge to stifle his yawns in my crotch.

At the beginning I savored the day’s last light coming through the windows of the armory, the expectant set, the luck at having scored a ticket, the rustle of the musicians, and felt a kind of peace.


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July 13, 2008 at 8:49 am

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