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Sunday rundown…

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Thunderstorms all day, while I read. The television stayed off for the most part. As did the air conditionr, which I’ve been running far too much. As I look around my bed room this morning I can see how much the clutter has built up.

Under piles, I find books I’ve started, CDs I mean to listen to, DVDs unwatched. There’s dusting to be done. And plants to water. Mail to dispose of. And the daily task of this journal. Everything that gets abandoned when one of the areas of my life gets too hectic.

Reflection gets set aside too, at least the organized reflection on the page. It always takes a while to pick it back up again. I’m back at the place that I’ve seen so many people on here come to: the place of not knowing what this activity, this document is for. So often for me it’s simply a gesture in search of some recognition. And after that, what?It’s easy enough to stop, easy enough to tell myself that there is some thing else I need to get back on track with it.

There has been a long time where posting pictures has been pretty much all that I could do here. Place holders for the writing, or simply another way of reflecting on things, of seizing the daily?


Written by naylandblake

July 28, 2008 at 8:09 am

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