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Puffs of breeze in delicious warmth. More summer beauty.

One of the things in my neighborhood that I love: the patterned architecture of young girls “Sunday” hair. Squadrons of carefully matched beads barrettes and hair ties punctuating the careful braids. I’m always a little abashed by how slovenly my appearance is on Sundays. I guess today the good news is that I’m wearing a fresh pair of Carhartt denim overalls. Walking out the door this morning I thought that if I had my wish, overalls would be the only outfit I wore from here on out. Is that reason enough for wanting to win the lottery?

Breakfast. The melon was overripe, a faint taste of rot beneath the melting sweetness. I sit in the crowded diner and the usual worries dribble through my brain: hair frizziness, desk messiness, deadlines. Got some stew at work in the crock pot. Now to get some cleaning done. And hopefully some work on rebuilding my website.

I wish that we were past the CGI era. My generation, raised on cartoons, has managed to make brilliant animations (the Simpsons, The Incredibles, The Venture Brothers). And it has managed to make most commercial films into horrible cartoons through animation.. All the simplemindedness and cynicism without the complexity and richness. This crabby cultural elitism is what I develop from watching too much SciFi channel.


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August 17, 2008 at 12:19 pm

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