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Here’s me yesterday, getting my picture taken by Richard Kern for Vice Magazine. We spent a good six hours getting me in and out of various outfits in an effort to scuttle what ever is left of my good reputation. In the evening I was lucky enough to meet up with , , , and for Malaysian food.

In additional news:

I have purchased a dual VHS/DVD recorder, which will allow me to move a bunch of analog stuff I have over to digital and hopefully free up some space. It also has hdmi out which I can now route to my monitor via the new cable I just bought. Supposedly higher definition pictures are going to result.

I certainly hope so, because one of my all time favorite series has made its DVD debut: Cannon, a Quinn Martin production. If you ever want to see what the Seventies really looked like and what LA still really looks like, you have to watch this show. Also, the first half of season 3 of Perry Mason has finally been released. The long delay had made me fear that they had given up on the series all together.

Also, tonight is election night at TES; if you’re a member, I urge you to vote.


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September 9, 2008 at 3:49 pm

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