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It’s been a full few days, on top of a full week, with another full week to come.

I’m over due on writing up a post on my time at Delta. Hard to believe that I was immersed in that experience just about a week ago.

Today, I finished a piece for the Frieze art fair in London, and one for a benefit auction that coming up in a week and a half or so.

I need to write up a post on everything I have coming up: shows lectures, etc. I think I just committed to another one that would start in December.

Meanwhile I’m obsessed with buying new audio equipment, It’s kinda sick.

I did trade in my years old pillows yesterday for two new supernice down ones. I didn’t quite get how disappointed I was in my pillows. My neurotic shopping habits forced me to try to test out pillows in the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond, basically by propping them upright against walls and leaning into them. I used the display pillows. I know: cootie central. But I had to test them out. Next step: mattress.

My problem in life is that I’m not nearly relentless enough.

Bailout: I don’t understand why these idiots can’t be allowed to fail in their chosen business fields, even though it means that there won’t be hedge fund monkeys running around art galleries with piles of cash to throw at my work. Extending charity to executives is a waste of my tax money. Let’s keep spending it on a failing war, not on a failing economy as well.

Lone Justice just came up on iTunes. There’s a band you never hear about any more. I don’t understand about the algorithms in the program though: I have a ton of Bowie in my music collection, and yet random play seems to pick out “John, I’m Only Dancing Again” with a mystifying frequency.

This weekend I had lovely meals with and the tag team of and . But I think I have reel in the dining out. I want to start doing a more home cooking. To that end I picked up stuff for a salad tonight: baby spinach, pears, fennel and aged Gouda. Anyone got any ideas for a simple dressing for all that?

Related culinary question: the fennel made me think I needed a mandolin. Those of you who have thenm, what do you think? Useful, or gadget drawer dust gatherer?

Next time I DJ I’ll play Nirvana’s “Breed”, probably after “20th Century Boy” and before “Deceptacon”


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September 22, 2008 at 6:12 pm

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