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Even though the vote was split, I went ahead and picked myself up a mandoline last night. The results? My salad was beautifully sliced, with perfect fennel and pear pieces. I went the cheap plastic route (kinda had to, since the nearest, most sensible place to go for one was Target). It was a breeze to use. Now we’ll see how often I haul it out. On the plus side I also joined Urban Organics this week, so I should be getting a lot of produce to cook on a regular basis.

I’m still a bit in poulet sans tete mode, but things are getting accomplished one way or another and there are some exciting developments. Today I was visited by two of my former students and they both are doing such fantastic things that I was blissed out from talking to them.

I’ll just take a moment to say this: I do love teaching. A big part of that love is seeing the people I’ve worked with accomplish something. There may be difficult times in the classroom, but I genuinely want my students to succeed. When they don’t we need to do some more work. But when they do, it’s wonderful to watch. I’m puzzled by teachers who only speak of their students in dismissive terms and seem to take genuine pleasure in catching them in their failures. It seems to me to be so draining to sit in the class, unhappy to be there. But then, I’ve tried very hard never to take jobs that I hate, or if I find myself hating my job, I’ve left.


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September 23, 2008 at 4:01 pm

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