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Spent the evening as guest DJ at a benefit for the Dieu Donne paper center and studio. The evening was nice enough, the people who asked me to come were kind, but hey, what happened? The art world used to be full of sexy people. Tonight the crowd left my libido unmoved. It was also odd the way that since I was the DJ I became part of the “help” to the extent that people who knew didn’t even bother coming over to say anything. I became invisible off to the side. It was an odd moment where I was watching the scene go by and feeling what does this have to do with me? As I say it was all perfectly nice, but so removed. The evening was in three parts: cocktails and mingling, which I played music for, a dinner and benefit auction which I sat out on and then silent auction time, more drinking and more music by yours truly. So I was the atmosphere more than someone driving people to dance. I was providing something for them to talk over. As such, by the time I got to the third part of the evening I was feeling very much in an “I can play any damn thing I please” mod, which ultimately lead me to segue from Ali Farka Toure to “Fire Lake” by Bob Seeger. There was something satisfying in that.

Once I got home my weird mood was eliminated by a phone chat with a blazingly hot guy that I played with at Delta (oh yeah, I still need to write that Delta post) we talked about our impending rematch. Now I know what I’ll be thinking about as I go beddy-bye..


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October 14, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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