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Studio visits and a lecture yesterday at NYU. Here's what the sink looks like there; any of you who have gone to any art school have seen it before.

I gave my full slide lecture in one hour and fifteen minutes, which is a record for me. I was gasping by the end of it. pretty much feeling that I'd made a hash of it, but at least the students were very interesting. A much more aware bunch than when I was last teaching there. Then the thoughtful ones were a bit more the exception. Now they seemed to be the rule, from my very limited exposure to them.

A group of my ICP students showed up for the talk, which was interesting. I'm generally pretty reserved about my own work around them. I'm there to help them with theirs, after all. I'm curious to find out what they made of all of it.

December's show looms. It's going to be some forty objects from the past 28 years, and even though I'm not making anything new for it, it's still proving to be a lot of work. For those of you in the area, the opening is December 2 at 6pm. I'll be posting a more formal announcement soon.

After the lecture it was off to chair the TES board meeting, which meant that I didn't get to see someone present at LSM. Ah well.

As for today, I've been an utter computer dork, which doesn't really work if you only have a flimsy grasp on what you're trying to do. My goal was to create a usb boot stick so that I could try out Ubuntu eee on the Asus. Thanks to some faulty instructions, it took me fore ever to figure out how to do it, and then the results were underwhelming. I don't quite know why I've been so obsessed with trying out a new OS, since I like other one fine, but I suppose that it's the knowledge that I can that seems so compelling. I've even been sniffing around Newegg looking at barebones systems with the thought of building my own little linux box. Why? I have more than enough computers right now.

Also, yesterday evening a couple of people let me know how much yesterdays daily picture bummed them out. I was taken aback, mostly because I don't really think that they would ever have that much impact.


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November 14, 2008 at 3:33 pm

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