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First thing:

This morning I heard Barney Frank on NPR explaining his support for the proposed auto industry bailout, which seemed to boil down to the argument that if the auto makers declare bankrupcy, it will allow them to stick it to their union employees. When asked what amount he would cap the federal cash infusion at, he blustered and changed the topic. All in all it was a performance that smelt of flim-flam. My feeling is this: US auto companies have ignored the implications of their business practices for decades, in essence betting on a market model that it turns out was the wrong one. Supposedly, when you do that in a market economy, you lose your stake and too bad. You shouldn't be able to go to the federal government, reaching through them into the pockets of your customers for an advance on your allowance so that you can spin the wheel again. Frank's bullshitting didn't answer why these businesses should get another chance, especially when there are other players in the field who are not in the same position.

Second thing:

My HP desktop has continued to prove itself to be craptacular – not in a huge, bursting into flames way, but in a a dozen little stupid habits that it has that make it hard to work with. Contrary to what Microsoft asserts, my familiarity with Vista has not bred in me any joyous appreciation of its innate goodness. If anything, I loathe it even more now than when I first started working with it.

Third thing:

I have too damn much going on, such that I'm becoming forgetful about what my commitments are. For some reason Google calendar isn't helping me. I think I need to devote a few hours to simple paper shuffling to get a better sense of the lay of the land. I'm drifting into that state where I'm becoming afraid to pick up the phone because every call might be a reminder of something I didn't do. Perhaps some of this is related to the upcoming show.

Utterly unrelated non-crabby observation:

I was talking with a friend who works in reality television and they said “God, the deadlines; it's just like when I used to work in porn” and a lightbulb went off for me: that's what all these Bravo shos are. They stand in the same relationship to careers as pron does to sexual relationships. All the boring parts are gone and you cut right to the achievement. Unlike in an actual career, where it takes a lifetime and you can never be sure if you've succeeded or not, these shows package “being a chef” into a series of carefully times obstacles and mile markers, culminating in the big money shot where the winner is revealed, and indeed gets money. We watch for the expression on the winner's face the same way we wait for the orgasm in a porn film.


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November 19, 2008 at 10:53 am

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