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1: I’m in one of those “remember to breathe” zones: there are so many impending projects and things that I need to find people for that I’m feeling a little lost at my desk.

2: Not withstanding that, I have had some good experiences aside from the doubleplus good experience of my exhibition opening: Last night a received an email with one of the most wank-worthy photo attchements ever. Hint to those hoping to bend me to their will: the right eyeglass frames will reduce me to puddle status faster than just about anything. And the fur and the beard and the tats didn’t hurt either. I also was BOD at TES last night, and heard some very interesting things from people in circle. Afterwards I walked downtown with and our conversation was so engrossing I was persuaded to have a quick plate of broccoli rabe in order to continue it.

3: For some reason I’m in a memoir reading mood; first Obama’s and now Mingus’ and Alan Bennet’s.

4: I love you all and I approve of the cause, but the next person to post the link to “Prop 8 The Musical” gets a shiv in the ribs. For seriously

5: However, , she of the infinitely appropriate user icons, posted a link we can all use: this one, that leads to the new Jane Siberry album, released under the name Issa. She has maintained her “pay what you wish” policy and will throw in an extra copy with all orders for you to give to someone who may not know about Jane Siberry. So, instant holiday gift.

6: With that in mind, my Ivor Cutler “Dandruff” CD arrived today, which means that I am back to owning all three of my fave records of his:

7: Seven. There is no number seven.

(addendum: careful viewers of this blog will notice that I just managed to maintain the black and white color scheme even while embedding youtube content. Pretty damn obsessive, eh?)


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December 4, 2008 at 3:34 pm

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