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Rick Warren: Obama has delivered the traditional kick in the teeth that Democrats proffer to their gay supporters upon assuming power. This comes in part from political calulation (by publicly angering a “special interest group” you show that you are not their tool) and in part from what I think is part of Obama’s psychology: he wants more than anything to be a reconciling figure, so he shows that he is the bigger man by embracing people who have taken him to task. In either event, a dick move.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: a song that just about anyone would rather sing than hear. When you’re singing it there’s the game of remembering the different parts and the rollercoaster slide of the golden rings. When you’re hearing it, you can’t wait for it to be over.

Website: I had a meeting last night with , to talk about reconstructing naylandblake.net. It’s always interesting to see someone that you know socially in the midst of their professionalism. I learned a whole lot.

Girl power: I just got two new albums: White flags of Winter Chimneys by Wendy and Lisa, which is thoughtful and excellent, and my copies of Dragon Dreams by Issa (aka Jane Siberry) just arrived and boy howdy, one of them is signed to me! One more reason Canada is cooler that us.

Mission accomplished: I admit to being aroused by those ads with Heidi Klumm hopping around in socks and button down shirt for Guitar Hero. I bet she could totally kick my ass in that game too.

Speaking of: buttoned down nattiness, ‘s series of Sunday style photos also turn my crank. earned my envy by being the subject of some serious dressing up. I realive that I have a bit of a fetish for “makeover” scenes, where one party takes control of the appearance of another. Doesn’t matter so much if it’s dressing up or dressing down, I get hot and bothered by the planning and execution of a transformation, especially if there’s an element of coercion in it.

Bye Bye Blender: after nearly twenty years, my Black and Decker single speed blender suffered a mysterious accident and had to be retired. It was inexpensive, compact and reliable. It will be missed.

Department of Brilliant: Go watch the final episode of Moral Orel right now.


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December 19, 2008 at 9:21 am

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